Bahamian Survives Encounter With Sharks

In the Bahamas we know a thing or two about sharks, so it was pretty cool to see a Bahamian take a deep dive into the hit show Shark Tank, and make it out alive. Alexiou Gibson did his thing, entering the Shark Tank  on its 13th season finale for a pitch of a lifetime and closed a pretty nice deal with two huge names in entertainment and business. Alexiou (who i’m pretty sure is now every Bahamain’s cousin) pitched a nutritional supplement made from sea Moss.

After asking for half a million dollar investment for 5% equity of his company, things got pretty tense, and some serious negotiations took place. Luckily he came away with results to be proud of. It was a nail biter of a pitch but honestly it was pretty refreshing, I mean, how often do we get to see Bahamian representation like this? Simple answer, not enough. So congrats Cuz, we’re rooting for you.

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