The Easy Way to Find Businesses in The Bahamas

If you are just like me, when looking for something you need in The Bahamas, it is one of the most frustrating processes one can encounter. You would usually Google, use the phone book (if any one still uses them), ask for recommendations on Facebook, or perhaps call a friend or family member who you think will be able to point you in the right direction. After employing all of these methods, you may just come across some information that can point you in the right direction. As much as you would like to breathe the sigh of relief, hold your breath, because now the real work has just started. Now the fun part begins! Calling, emailing, and Whatsapping the various businesses to find out if they have what you need, at what time do they close, where are they located, what else do they carry, how much does the product or service cost, when is the next available appointment, what is on the menu and I really can go on and on. The prerequisite of this happening of course is that they answer the phone, answer your email, or perhaps not leave you on seen via Whatsapp (jus’ saying though, ya ain’t had to do ya boy like dat). What I’ve just described is a daily struggle for Bahamians all over and the exact pain point what gave me the idea for ezfinds 242.

I honestly felt that the options we had in terms of directories do not cut it at times.

To add to that, market research and a general poll of friends, family, and fellow entrepreneurs found this sentiment to be right. Now I’m a tech guy and I knew something had to be done but did not know exactly where to start. In attempt to unpack a proper train of thought, I started with the frustrations that many of us go through. The one thing that kept coming back to me was the notion that we had to make this process easier.

EZ Finds 242 was founded on the premise of making your life easier. Unlike many other directories, this for us was just not another business. We took time to develop the software, the functionality, and the overall user flow of the site. 

We wanted to make sure that persons got meaningful results every time they searched. Upon launching, before collecting a single dollar, we had over 2,000 businesses, organisations and other establishments pre-loaded on the platform. We wanted to make your life easier from day one, even if that meant sacrificing sleep so that you don’t have to. EzFinds242 is here to serve!

In addition to the ability to find what you need, we wanted to ensure the process of getting to those businesses was easy. To ensure a smooth flow, businesses have the option of adding plethora of information, such as their location, description, hours of operation, announcements, events, deals and coupons, menus, photos, videos, appointment schedules and so much more! You can even inbox the businesses right on the platform. The goal was to minimize this search process and streamline the antiquated way we have come to become accustomed to. The disclaimer of course is not all businesses may access those features but, even the ones with the most basic information have access to the go to tool for the Bahamian public.

In closing, we are fully committed to making this happen for you; the average Bahamian who just wants to access information, without feeling like you work for the Royal Bahamas Police Force. We are proud to announce eZfinds242.

By: Shaquille Hanna


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