3 eZ Ways to Get Your Bahamian Business Noticed Online

By: Schvonne Mckinney

If you’ve ever attempted to run a brand, business, or even promote an event, you know it’s really hard to get people’s attention. To make matters worse, your brand isn’t just competing with others brands anymore, it’s got all this other content, tiktocks and vlogs and whatever else the kids are doing online these days. For a small business, putting your brand in the position to stand out or be more accessible can seem daunting. There are definitely things that can be done to help with this though. My first suggestion is flying a blimp across the island, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s not an option for you. Here are 3 practical and affordable ways to get your brand noticed online.

1. Sponsored Post

Most social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have an option for you to sponsor your post which helps with it’s reach, which is basically the number of people that see your content. Facebook and instagram also use targeting so that it reaches individuals that show interest in products or brands like yours. They can be as affordable as 5 bucks per day, how many people you can reach varies on your budget and the duration of your campaign.

Digital directories are a perfect marriage of the modern internet age and the yellow pages that once was the place to find businesses. Ezfinds242.com, hosts all that information for customers that wanna know where they can find what they need quickly. It’s even more convenient than google, (believe it or not) because it’s Bahamas specific, and serves as a one stop shop for Bahamian brands. You can list your brand for a monthly or annual plan, and even get additional promotional services, like blogs written about your brand. All at a price that is highly likely to pay off, starting at as little as $150 bucks a year!

Influncer Marketing

There are people out there with strong followings that can expand your reach and help you tap into a new audience, they’re called influencers. These individuals often offer a promotional option where they can partner with brands and help your brand to get noticed. The key is to make sure the influencers align with your brand, or have an audience that needs or wants the product or service you have to offer. These influencers aren’t limited to social media comedians, although I mean who doesn’t love a good “lol”. There are many different types of influencers in the Bahamas, many of whom would be more than willing to take your marketing dollars…I mean partner with you. This is an affordable way to drive traffic to your pages or website.

If a blimp isn’t in the budget, then these 3 options may work for you. Getting your business noticed can take some time, so be patient and consistent, and we’ll see you at the top.

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