The Simple Way for Everyone to Actually Make A Difference in The Bahamas

By: Schvonne McKinney

If you’re anything like me, then you’re pretty tired of hearing people offer the government the remedy to all the social and economic woes of the country. While officials absolutely have a key role to play in change, maybe there’s another way to look at this. Maybe, just maybe, you’re downplaying your role in all this. One of the simplest ways to make a difference today is by supporting your communities. I’m not talking about purchasing some steak- out tickets, (I mean no judgement but they’re pretty hit or miss). I’m talking about supporting local businesses, yes this again. It seems like something you hear all the time, but it’s a practical, actionable thing that you can do immediately, that has a long-lasting significant impact on…wait for it…other Bahamians. 

When we support and shop local ,we’re creating a flow of cash within the country that strengthens our economy, and that improves actual people’s lives. What we’re talking about is quantifiable change, something we can actually measure and see overtime in our communities. While I know the temptation to hop on over to Miami for that sale is real, the benefit of keeping it at home is too. 

Here are 3 ways shopping locally will make a real difference in the country.

When it comes to making a difference for small businesses, sometimes it’s as simple as sharing a brand’s post on social media, or recommending them as an option to a family member or friend. The point is that it doesn’t cost much at all to support Bahamian, and be a part of a bigger solution of making a real difference in our big great small country.



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